About Us


I am Millie,the creator of Millie Dale Soaps & Skin Care.Locally made in a small town of De Winton in Alberta, our  products are handcrafted in small batches and true to it's ingredients.

A few years back, while staying home because of a major surgery (donated my kidney to my husband), Out of boredom, I  started looking for crafty things to do. Soap making was one of the classes I chose and attended the class with an intent to pass time.Little did I know that I will be hooked and found myself signing up for another soap making class.and then a few more!

Knowing the properties and uses of the ingredients was a long but a fun process. It was amazing  going through the pages and knowing all the wonderful benefits of natural and essential oils.Then experimenting begun and I got addicted to creating soaps,lotions, face wash, and anything I could put my hands on .Everyday was a play day in my "laboratory".

As a  healthcare worker,I always wanted the best  for my skin and I always assume that everybody wants the same.So I make sure that each creation is made of appropriate ingredients for individual's skin type and  needs.Ethically sourced plant oils and butters are the main ingredients of choice for my creations.

Tested on me ,my family and friends,these products are worth trying!



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